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Russian Far East, All South Pacific

We found 17 trips matching your criteria.

Compare Trip Price From Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
Treasures of Melanesia$4,750 Offer18 Oct 1725 Oct 178Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
New Caledonia & Vanuatu Archipelago$5,44018 Feb 1701 Mar 1712L'Austral264Luxury Expedition Ship
Okhotsk & Sakhalin: Sea of Okhotsk$6,70012 Jun 1723 Jun 1712Spirit of Enderby50Research Ship
Kamchatka Coast: Jewel of the Russian Far East$7,20004 Sep 1717 Sep 1714Spirit of Enderby50Research Ship
Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands: Russia's Ring of Fire$7,30030 May 1711 Jun 1713Spirit of Enderby50Research Ship
The Pacific Ring of Fire – Palau to Japan$7,650 Offer09 Jun 1721 Jun 1713Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Tahiti to Easter Island$7,950 Offer12 Oct 1827 Oct 1816Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Kamchatka Coast: Siberia's Forgotten Coast$8,00027 Jun 1710 Jul 1714Spirit of Enderby50Research Ship
Russian Far East$9,050 Offer14 Jul 1826 Jul 1813Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Russian Far East$9,050 Offer02 Jul 1814 Jul 1813Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Alaska and Russian Far East$9,050 Offer13 Aug 1825 Aug 1813Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Islands of the Coral Sea$9,650 Offer25 Oct 1709 Nov 1716Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
West Papua – The Whale Sharks of Cenderawasih Bay$11,28528 Oct 1604 Nov 168True North36Expedition Ship
Russian Far East – Japan to the Sea of Okhotsk$12,550 Offer29 Aug 1716 Sep 1719Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Alaska and the Russian Far East$12,950 Offer14 Jun 1802 Jul 1819Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Russian Far East and Arctic + Wrangel Island$15,450 Offer25 Jul 1813 Aug 1820Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
North East Passage – The Northern Sea Route$19,80029 Aug 1725 Sep 1728Akademik Shokalskiy48Research Ship