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Papua New Guinea, Australia

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Iconic Kimberley

With its waterfalls, abrupt gorges, savannah, calm waters and desolate mountain chains, the wild lands of The Kimberley promise an exceptional adventure.

Jewels of The Kimberley

Discover Jar Island, home to ancient galleries of Aboriginal rock art, significant examples of the Gwion Gwion style from over 30,000 years ago; enjoy waterfalls, turtle-filled lagoons and secret inlets too!

Australia – The Kimberley

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Thundering waterfalls, plunging gorges, Aboriginal rock art, deserted beaches, a plethora of wildlife and fewer people per square mile than almost any other place on earth — The Kimberley is one of Australia’s hidden treasures.

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Australia & Indonesia

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An interesting kaleidoscope of culture and nature, experience world-class snorkeling, and meet local villagers to learn of their culture and traditions.

Islands of the Coral Sea

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Mesmerizing coral reefs, crystal-clear lagoons filled with tropical fish this trip is truly a snorkeler's and diver’s paradise. Plus, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea have more than 1,000 living languages!

Papua New Guinea: Islands & Villages

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Experience first-class diving (including WWII wrecks) and snorkeling and see spectacular marine life; enjoy meeting local tribes and learning about their crafts and customs.

Australia & Indonesia

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Experience landscapes as varied as lagoons, coral reefs, forests, waterfalls, and more; discover first-class diving and snorkeling to see spectacular marine life.