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We found 16 trips matching your criteria.

Compare Trip Price From Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
Labrador and Torngat Explorer$3,495 Offer15 Jul 1725 Jul 1711Akademik Sergey Vavilov92Research Ship
Treasures of Melanesia$4,750 Offer18 Oct 1725 Oct 178Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
New Caledonia & Vanuatu Archipelago$5,44018 Feb 1701 Mar 1712L'Austral264Luxury Expedition Ship
Newfoundland, Nova Scotia & Quebec$6,650 Offer18 Sep 1827 Sep 1810Silver Cloud200Luxury Expedition Ship
The Pacific Ring of Fire – Palau to Japan$7,650 Offer09 Jun 1721 Jun 1713Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Tahiti to Easter Island$7,950 Offer12 Oct 1827 Oct 1816Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Philippines and Japan$8,150 Offer15 Mar 1825 Mar 1811Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Faces of Melanesia$8,150 Offer28 May 1807 Jun 1811Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland$8,170 Offer07 Sep 1714 Sep 178National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland$8,170 Offer14 Sep 1721 Sep 178National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Islands of the South Pacific$9,150 Offer24 Sep 1812 Oct 1819Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Islands of the Coral Sea$9,650 Offer25 Oct 1709 Nov 1716Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Japan and the Philippines$10,650 Offer17 Apr 1830 Apr 1814Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Philippines and Palau$10,650 Offer30 Apr 1813 May 1814Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Australia, Vanuatu & New Caledonia$12,350 Offer07 Jun 1822 Jun 1816Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Marvels of Melanesia$12,350 Offer13 May 1828 May 1816Silver Discoverer120Luxury Expedition Ship
Best of Micronesia$12,980 Offer23 Feb 1812 Mar 1818Caledonian Sky100Expedition Ship