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Treasures of Melanesia

Save 10% per person.

Add together mesmerising coral reefs, diverse island cultures, a great variety of historical sites and you end up with one truly amazing trip of a lifetime!

The Pacific Ring of Fire – Palau to Japan

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Visit the “Galapagos of the Orient” — the Ogasawara Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; swim and snorkel in clear blue waters; and discover the volcanic the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Tahiti to Easter Island

Save 10% per person.

With a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Henderson Island, Pitcairn Group and the added bonus of Rapa Iti, this journey is a must for lovers of legend and lore

Philippines and Japan

Save 10% per person.

Colorful and indescribable, a contrast of modern bustle and ancient tradition, Japan is everything to everyone.

Faces of Melanesia

Save 10% per person.

Explore stunning lagoons and hundreds of uninhabited islands by Zodiac, witness the epic land diving ceremonies, and stand on the rim of an active volcano.

Islands of the South Pacific

Save 10% per person.

The gentle breezes and soft sounds of the South Pacific await amid paradisiacal atolls, world-class snorkeling and legendary sacred sites.

Islands of the Coral Sea

Save 10% per person.

Mesmerizing coral reefs, crystal-clear lagoons filled with tropical fish this trip is truly a snorkeler's and diver’s paradise. Plus, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea have more than 1,000 living languages!

Japan and the Philippines

Save 10% per person.

Contemplate the great floating Torii gate, immerse yourself in fascinating history, wonderful wildlife and stunning seasonal beauty, as two cultures collide in perfect geographical fusion.

Philippines and Palau

Save 10% per person.

A brand new destination for every day of the itinerary with incredible landscapes, snorkeling and diving, unique cultural experiences and a search for whale sharks!

Marvels of Melanesia

Save 10% per person.

A colorful patchwork of tropical landscapes, rich with culture and character, these magical islands are a trip of a lifetime for any traveler.

Best of Micronesia

Solo travelers pay no single supplement.

Snorkel or dive nearly every day—the western corner of Micronesia boasts more than 1,300 species of fish; meet with friendly locals, who will greet you with traditional dances; and tour Pohnpei’s famed archaeological site!