Iceland/Greenland, Britain / Ireland

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Arctic Quest: Greenland to Churchill

Free charter air ($1,750 value per person).

Venture to a part of the world where polar bears, whales, seals and humans have all learned to co-exist for thousands of years aboard an expedition vessel with kayaks for exploration.

Iceland – Reykjavik Round-Trip

On the edge of the Arctic, between vast glaciers, vertiginous fjords, volcanoes and boiling geysers, Iceland offers a kaleidoscope of wild and romantic landscapes.

Climate Voyage: Iceland and Svalbard

Save up to 25% per person (up to $1,620 off).

Become a global ambassador of Arctic Svalbard's sublimely beautiful nature and its wildlife that are affected by climate change on a journey that will shift how you view the world.

Scotland's Highlands and Islands

Navigate through inland waterways and lochs to witness breathtaking countrysides, glens and fortresses aboard a classic yacht with the feel of a stately country manner.

Iceland Circumnavigation – Fire and Ice

Save 15% per person (up to $1,499 off).

Encounter unrivaled natural diversity, from volcanic landscapes to lava fields, ice sheets, gushing hot springs and cascading waterfalls on a voyage with colorful hamlets and friendly locals.

Greenland Explorer

Save up to 25% per person (up to $3,373 off).

Discover Greenland, home to majestic fjords and some of the most active glaciers outside of Antarctica, on an adventure with kayaking, hiking and jaw-dropping landscapes.

East Greenland - Northern Lights

Save 15% per person (up to $1,619 off).

An exciting expedition with Tundra hiking, kayaking, and Zodiac excursions; chance to see Northern Lights and explore the world’s largest fjord system.

Circumnavigation of Iceland

Experience an incredible circumnavigation of Iceland with extraordinary natural wonders aboard a luxury ship with excellent guides, kayaking, and onboard photographer.

  • National Geographic Explorer
  • Luxury Expedition Ship
  • 148 Capacity
  • 10 Days
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    • Jul 12 Sat
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  • $7,990
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Greenland's Far North – Ultimate Thule

Save up to 25% per person (up to $4,373 off).

Experience Greenland's best including Thule, encounter untouched icescapes and sparsely populated Inuit communities while watching for walruses, whales and polar bears.

Expedition Greenland

Explore remote Greenland discovering spectacular wildlife and fascinating culture with top rate naturalists aboard a luxury expedition ship with five-star service.

Iceland to Greenland – Glaciers and Ice

Save up to 40% per person (up to $3,989 off).

Witness towering icebergs, spectacular glaciers and stunning fjords, immerse yourself in Greenlandic and Icelandic culture while exploring fascinating communities on this Arctic trip of a lifetime.

Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland's East Coast

Receive free airfare (value up to $1,700 per person).

Encounter the King of the Arctic—the Polar Bear—in its natural habitat, as you follow in the wake of Viking explorers from the comfort of a luxury expedition vessel.

The Fabled Northwest Passage

Explore the fabled Northwest Passage while discovering spectacular wildlife and fascinating culture with top rate naturalists aboard a luxury expedition ship with five-star service.