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Compare Trip Price From Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
Iceland – Glaciers and Geysers$4,930 Offer14 Jul 1521 Jul 158Le Soleal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Iceland – Glaciers and Geysers$4,930 Offer21 Jul 1528 Jul 158Le Soleal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Iceland – Glaciers and Geysers$4,930 Offer29 Jul 1505 Aug 158Le Boreal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Iceland – Glaciers and Geysers$4,930 Offer05 Aug 1512 Aug 158Le Boreal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Climate Voyage: Iceland and Svalbard$5,66914 Jul 1523 Jul 1510Fram256Scenic Exploration
Greenland's West Coast$6,45027 Aug 1503 Sep 158Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
East Greenland - Northern Lights$6,99522 Sep 1405 Oct 1414Sea Spirit112Luxury Expedition Ship
Iceland Circumnavigation – Fire and Ice$6,995 Offer26 Aug 1506 Sep 1512Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Greenland Explorer$6,995 Offer06 Aug 1520 Aug 1515Sea Adventurer122Expedition Ship
Baffin Island and Greenland – Arctic Circle in Focus$6,995 Offer02 Aug 1512 Aug 1511Akademik Ioffe96Research Ship
Three Arctic Islands: Iceland, Greenland & Svalbard$6,99526 Jul 1507 Aug 1513Sea Adventurer122Expedition Ship
Spitsbergen & Greenland – Jewels of the Arctic$7,20003 Aug 1516 Aug 1514Polar Pioneer54Research Ship
Spitsbergen & Greenland – Jewels of the Arctic$7,20016 Aug 1529 Aug 1514Polar Pioneer54Research Ship
East Greenland - Northern Lights$7,295 Offer05 Sep 1518 Sep 1514Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
East Greenland - Northern Lights$7,295 Offer17 Sep 1530 Sep 1514Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Greenland's West Coast$7,340 Offer12 Aug 1521 Aug 1510Le Boreal264Luxury Expedition Ship
In the Footsteps of Franklin: Greenland & Canada’s High Arctic$7,99516 Aug 1528 Aug 1513Sea Explorer111Luxury Expedition Ship
Three Arctic Islands: Iceland, Greenland & Svalbard$8,295 Offer14 Aug 1527 Aug 1514Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Greenland's Far North – Ultimate Thule$8,99503 Aug 1518 Aug 1516Sea Explorer111Luxury Expedition Ship
Circumnavigation of Iceland$9,44007 Jul 1516 Jul 1510National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Greenland to Canada – North Atlantic Adventure$9,45003 Sep 1520 Sep 1518Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Greenland Expedition$9,75015 Aug 1527 Aug 1513Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Along the Viking Trail – Iceland to Greenland$10,580 Offer19 Jul 1530 Jul 1512National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Iceland to Greenland – Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq$10,780 Offer28 Jul 1511 Aug 1515Le Soleal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard and Scoresby Sund to Iceland$11,45001 Aug 1515 Aug 1515Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland - National Park Expedition$11,941 Offer04 Sep 1418 Sep 1415Fram256Scenic Exploration
Northwest Passage – Franklin's Legend$11,99518 Aug 1506 Sep 1520Sea Adventurer122Expedition Ship
Greenland and the Baffin Sea$13,12011 Aug 1524 Aug 1514Le Soleal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland's East Coast$13,820 Offer22 Jun 1508 Jul 1517National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard, Norway, Greenland & Iceland$14,495 Offer15 Jul 1529 Jul 1515Le Boreal (charter)264Luxury Expedition Ship
The Northwest Passage – Kangerlussuaq to Anadyr$21,920 Offer24 Aug 1516 Sep 1524Le Soleal264Luxury Expedition Ship
The Northwest Passage – Greenland to the Bering Sea$27,995 Offer20 Aug 1511 Sep 1523Le Boreal (charter)264Luxury Expedition Ship