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We found 27 trips matching your criteria.

Compare Trip Price From Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
East Greenland – Basecamp$3,90015 Sep 1522 Sep 158Plancius116Research Ship
Arctic Express – Greenland’s Northern Lights$5,995 Offer06 Sep 1615 Sep 1610Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Arctic Express – Greenland’s Northern Lights$5,995 Offer13 Sep 1622 Sep 1610Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland$6,00003 Sep 1515 Sep 1513Plancius116Research Ship
Greenland to Canada – Icebergs & Wildlife$6,495 Offer12 Sep 1624 Sep 1613Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Greenland & Canadian Arctic$6,65009 Sep 1621 Sep 1613Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Greenland Expedition$6,95013 Aug 1622 Aug 1610Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
East Greenland - Northern Lights$7,29505 Sep 1518 Sep 1514Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
East Greenland - Northern Lights$7,29517 Sep 1530 Sep 1514Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Three Arctic Islands: Iceland, Greenland & Svalbard$7,29517 Jul 1629 Jul 1613Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Arctic Express – Greenland’s Northern Lights$7,995 Offer27 Aug 1608 Sep 1613Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Arctic Express – Greenland’s Northern Lights$7,995 Offer20 Sep 1602 Oct 1613Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Three Arctic Islands: Iceland, Greenland & Svalbard$8,69515 Aug 1628 Aug 1614Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Greenland to Canada – North Atlantic Adventure$9,45003 Sep 1520 Sep 1518Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Circumnavigation of Iceland$9,82010 Jul 1620 Jul 1611National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Circumnavigation of Iceland$9,82019 Jul 1629 Jul 1611National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Iceland to Greenland – Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq$10,10003 Aug 1616 Aug 1614L'Austral264Luxury Expedition Ship
Along the Viking Trail – Iceland to Greenland$10,680 Offer05 Aug 1616 Aug 1612National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland$10,95030 Jul 1613 Aug 1615Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Northwest Passage – Franklin's Legend$11,99509 Aug 1628 Aug 1620Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Northwest Passage – Fury & Hecla Strait$11,995 Offer26 Aug 1614 Sep 1620Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Iceland & Greenland: In the Wake of the Vikings$11,995 Offer16 Aug 1627 Aug 1612Le Boreal (charter)264Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland - National Park Expedition$12,28510 Sep 1524 Sep 1515Fram256Scenic Exploration
Greenland & Canadian Arctic: The Baffin Sea$13,16026 Aug 1608 Sep 1614Le Boreal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Greenland & Canadian Arctic$13,95022 Aug 1609 Sep 1619Silver Explorer132Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland's East Coast$14,510 Offer25 Jun 1611 Jul 1617National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship
Norway, Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland$14,995 Offer02 Aug 1616 Aug 1615Le Boreal (charter)264Luxury Expedition Ship
Greenland & Canadian Arctic – Icebreaker Expedition$19,795 Offer22 Aug 1608 Sep 1618Kapitan Khlebnikov110Icebreaker
The Northwest Passage – Kangerlussuaq to Nome$20,04016 Aug 1607 Sep 1623L'Austral264Luxury Expedition Ship
Extreme Greenland – Icebreaker Expedition$23,495 Offer04 Aug 1624 Aug 1621Kapitan Khlebnikov110Icebreaker
Epic 80°N: Exploring Greenland, Baffin & Ellesmere$25,19013 Aug 1604 Sep 1623National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship