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Arctic Express – Greenland’s Northern Lights

Save 20% off + $150 boutique credit + $500 credit. Single traveler discount.

Experience pure wilderness and traditional culture while exploring the world’s largest fjord system, observing brilliant Northern Lights displays and meeting Inuit people.

Canada to Greenland: Baffin Bay Explorer

Save 20% off + $150 boutique credit + $500 credit. Single traveler discount.

Marvel at the red heart-shaped mountain of Uummannaq, the soaring rock faces of the Sam Ford Fjord, and the freshly calved bergs in the UNESCO Ilulissat Icefjord.

Iceland & East Greenland

Visit timeless fishing villages and discover Scorsebysund's beautiful fjord system and stunning icebergs on this trip of a lifetime through Iceland and East Greenland.

East Greenland: Northern Lights

Save 20% off + $150 boutique credit + $500 credit. Single traveler discount.

Iceberg-choked fjords, tundra hikes and the arctic wildlife of Northeast Greenland National Park create picture-perfect scenes every day.

Greenland Expedition

Save 10% per person.

Dramatic rugged landscpes and perfectly balanced with picturesque villages on this expedition to Greenland from coastal Reykjavik, Iceland.

Iceland to Greenland

Here, when the ice breaks up and the granite peaks shed their white mantle for a brief summer, a spellbinding world of bewitching power and beauty emerges.

Iceland, Greenland, and Baffin Island

Save 20% off + $150 boutique credit + $500 credit. Single traveler discount.

See massive bird cliffs, mingle with locals, soak in spectacular hot springs, and experience rare opportunities to get up close to arctic wildlife such as whales, polar bears and puffins.

Iceland – Geysers & Glaciers

Take in this stunning island nation on an unforgettable journey that spans volcanic landscapes, thermal swimming pools and glacial rivers, ancient Viking villages and coastal towns rich in tradition.

  • Small Group
  • Land Based Adventures
  • 24 Capacity
  • 11 Days
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    • 2017
    • May 14 Sun
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    • Sep 21 Thu
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  • $8,995
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Greenland Expedition

Save 10% per person.

Explore remote Greenland discovering spectacular wildlife and fascinating culture with top-notch naturalists aboard a luxury expedition ship with superb service.

Circumnavigation of Iceland

Experience an incredible circumnavigation of Iceland with extraordinary natural wonders aboard a luxury ship with excellent guides, kayaking, and onboard photographer.

  • National Geographic Orion
  • Luxury Expedition Ship
  • 102 Capacity
  • 10 Days
  • 2017 View Departure>
    • 2017
    • Jul 4 Tue
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    • Jul 28 Fri
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  • $9,130
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Greenland to Svalbard

Discover the dramatic Arctic wilderness of Greenland, the singular beauty and isolation of Jan Mayen and the lush natural landscape of Iceland of this epic Arctic expedition.

Svalbard and Iceland

Save 10% per person.

Search the Spitsbergen pack ice for the elusive polar bear in Zodiacs, observe huge colonies of seabirds, and enjoy the coastal culture and outstanding beauty of Iceland.

Greenland – Disko Bay and Ilulissat

Save up to 15% off.

Accompanied by a team of anthropologists, ornithologists, geologists and experts in marine mammals, you can get up close to the amazing wildlife: seals, whales and maybe even polar bears.

Greenland & Canadian Arctic

Save 10% per person.

See the vast Jakobshavn Icefjord, learn about Inuit culture and its lasting traditions, look for polar bears and thousands of birds, and marvel at the geological features in Torngat and Gros Morne National Parks.

Greenland & Canadian Arctic

Save 10% per person.

Enjoy Zodiac tours and tundra hikes, bird spotting and absorbing the fascinating geological formations, and learn about modern Inuit art and culture.

Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland's East Coast

Receive complimentary charter air.

Encounter the King of the Arctic—the Polar Bear—in its natural habitat, as you follow in the wake of Viking explorers from the comfort of a luxury expedition vessel.

Norway, Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

Save $1,500 per person.

Cruise aboard the all-balcony Le Boreal to pristine and rarely seen Arctic islands, including the polar bear haven of Svalbard, glacier-covered Jan Mayen and Iceland's verdant West Fjords.

Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

Save 10% off.

Experience Svalbard, Greenland, and Iceland with fantastic birding, Zodiac cruises, and a crossing of the Arctic Circle aboard a luxury expedition ship with superb service.

The Fabled Northwest Passage

Save $3,000 per person.

Sail from Western Greenland to Nome, Alaska on an extraordinary voyage that transits the entire Northwest Passage, all from aboard a luxury expedition ship.