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South Georgia and the Falklands

South Georgia and Falklands Cruise

Summary : Steeped in Shackleton and whaling lore, covered mostly in glaciers, South Georgia explodes with life: gentoo, rockhopper and macaroni penguins, enormous elephant seals and a thriving fur seal population. On South Georgia, observe one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles: literally 200,000 stately king penguins on a single beach. See the human face of the region in the Falklands, reminiscent of Great Britain, with grazing sheep, tea and crumpets. And in this privileged place, the albatross reveal the beauty of their mysterious lives. 

All departures are Photo Expeditions, see end of page for details.

Special Guests: Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay (sons of hte first men to summit Mt. Everest - Sir Edmund Hillary), Guy Cotter, one of the world's leading mountaineerrs and Tommy Heinrich, another mountaineering legend, and Sven Lindblad.

Activities : Birding, Culture, Hiking, Kayaking, Photography, Dedicated Solo Cabins


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Day 1 – 2
U.S. / Santiago, Chile

Depart Miami on an overnight flight to Santiago, Chile. Check in to the fine Grand Hyatt Hotel, centrally located in Santiago, and have the morning to relax. Santiago is nearly surrounded by the Andes, which form an inspiring backdrop to our afternoon guided overview of this vibrant city. Explore the Plaza de Armas, the main square, and nearby Presidential Palace, enjoying wonderful views from the many hills that dot the city.

Day 3
Santiago / Ushuaia / Embark

Fly to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Join a catamaran cruise of the Beagle Channel before embarking your ship.

Day 4
At Sea In The South Atlantic

Settle into shipboard life, listening to informal discussions from your naturalist staff to prepare you for the wildness ahead in the Falklands. Spend time on deck and on the bridge, scanning for seabirds, notably the albatross.

Day 5 – 6
Falkland Islands

Each Falkland Island is a variation on the theme of topographical beauty with white - sand beaches, vaulting cliffs, windswept moors and the sunlit yellows and sage greens of waving tussock gr ass. The Falklands boast thousands of irresistible gentoo, rockhopper and Magellanic penguins, as well as herds of fur and elephant seals.

Day 7 – 8
At Sea

During your days at sea, learn about the fascinating history of Antarctic exploration, as well as the flora, fauna and geology of South Georgia. A lookout is kept to identify the seabirds that follow in your wake: wandering albatross, prions and black-browed albatross.

Day 9 – 13
South Georgia Island

Explore the spectacular coastline of South Georgia Island. In keeping with the nature of an expedition, your schedule is flexible with opportunities for walking, hiking, kayaking and Zodiac excursions. Leisurely circumnavigating the island, plan to make stops every day including Grytviken, the final resting place of Shackleton, and Stromness Bay where Shackleton, Tom Crean and Frank Worsley finally reached aid at a whaling station. And, visit a vast colony of tens of thousands of king penguins!

Day 14 – 15
At Sea

With whales beneath and birds above, head out on deck or up to the Bridge to observe expert navigation at work as your skilled Captain and officers sail these waters. There’ll also be time to relax and enjoy a massage in the wellness center, work out in the gym, and browse in the library.

Day 16
Falkland Islands

Your journey across the South Atlantic Ocean takes you once more to the island archipelago that teems with nature and wildlife. Take a last walk along the beautiful white-sand beaches, meander through tussock grass or sit atop a cliff and ponder the views.

Day 17
At Sea

One last chance to send emails home saying “Don’t want this to end.”

Day 18 – 19
Ushuaia, Argentina / Disembark / Santiago / U.S.

Disembark in Ushuaia with time to explore before flying to Santiago by private charter. Connect to your flight home, arriving the next day.


This itinerary is subject to change. ExpeditionTrips.com is not responsible for itinerary changes.

Shackleton 100th Special Departure:
Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay (sons of the first men to summit Mt. Everest), and mountaineering legends Guy Cotter and Tommy Heinrich, and Jeremy Lindblad will recreate the historic crossing of South Georgia from King Haakon Bay in the south to Stromness Bay – 30 miles across mountains and glaciers. There is space for a few experienced climbers to join the entire crossing. All interested guests are invited to participate in the final segment of Shackleton's historic traverse from Fortuna Bay to Stromness.

Photo Expeditions:
Travel with a National Geographic photographer and certified photo instructor—at your side and at your service to inspire and assist you. And, take advantage of talks, presentations, slideshows and “laptop gallery” sharing events. All skill and interest levels are welcome; the expert photographers and instructors can meet you wherever you are on your journey. All you need to participate is a camera— point-and-shoot, smartphone, DSLR, whatever—and a sense of adventure. And you’re sure to return home with amazing photos.

Optional Pre-Trip Extensions:
Santiago City, Wine & Culinary Highlights: Take advantage of your proximity to Santiago to discover the culture, cuisine, and superb wine of this corner of the city and the surrounding wine country over three days. From $1,790 per person. (3 Days)

Santiago City, Wine & Country: Santiago is a brilliant, urbane city nestled between the snow-capped Andes and the beaches of the Pacific. Its climate and soil are suited for grape production, and their vintages of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc are justly world-renowned. From $680 per person. (1 Day)

Optional Post-Trip Extension:
Easter Island: Follow your Antarctica expedition with a visit to one of the most mysterious places on earth—Easter Island. Home to the silent sentinels of a long lost culture, this tiny island is located 2,300 miles west of Chiles in the Pacific Ocean and almost 1,200 miles from its nearest island neighbor. Learn about the ancient Rapa Nui culture that grew up in isolation. Where did these people come from and why did they carve more than 500 giant moai (stone statues)? Learn from key archaeologists. From $4,780 per person. (5 Days)

Cabin accommodations aboard ship; one hotel night in Santiago; all meals and non-alcoholic beverages aboard the ship; some meals ashore; all shore excursions and sightseeing; transfers to and from group flights; tips (except to ship's crew), taxes and service charges; services of a ship physician and expedition staff; use of kayaks; expedition parkas. Subject to change without notice.

Not Included:
International air transportation; round-trip charter flights between Santiago/Ushuaia; extensions; passport and visa expenses; baggage/accident/cancellation insurance; immigration fees; items of a personal nature such as alcoholic beverages, email and laundry; gratuities to ship's crew at your discretion; optional extensions; fuel surcharge may apply.

PHOTOS: © Michael S. Nolan (Adelie Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Ship Deck); © Sven-Olof Lindblad (Kayakers, Iceberg); © Ralph Lee Hopkins (Zodiac)

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