The Arctic – Big Ice and Wild Polar Bears

ExpeditionTrips' Expedition Specialist Shelley Fry has a passion for pristine landscapes, and recently returned from an exploration of the Arctic on her Baffin Island and Greenland adventure, encountering tiny yet beautiful tundra flowers, the mighty polar bear, and immense sculptural icebergs. Read more


Galapagos Family Travel

ExpeditionTrips' President Ashton Palmer has traveled extensively throughout the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador. He recently rediscovered the joys of this wildlife paradise during two and a half weeks exploring the Galapagos with his family of six. Read Ashton's travel highlights, his Top 10 Tips for traveling with kids in the Galapagos, and learn why the enchanted islands of the Galapagos are an ideal destination for families with young children. Read More


Baja California: The Galapagos of North America

ExpeditionTrips’ Expedition Specialist Josh Logan spent a week aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird exploring the aquatic playground of Baja California's Sea of Cortez, from the expansive ocean vistas to the amazing diversity of wildlife, including Blue-footed Boobies, playful sea lions, manta rays, humpbacks, and blue whales, the largest animals on Earth. Read about his travels in this account of his adventures. Read More


Our Top 10 in 2014

We are thrilled to help you discover some of our planet’s most awe-inspiring destinations. Below are our top ten expeditions in 2014! Read More


January Expeditions to Antarctica, Falklands, and South Georgia

For most travelers, visiting the ‘White Continent’ is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, why not do it right the first time and include South Georgia—our travelers never regret it... Imagine standing amongst 100,000 king penguins shadowed by jagged peaks resembling the Swiss Alps! Learn why January is especially a great time to visit this magnificent island. Read More