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Compare Trip Price You Save Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
Svalbard – Realm of the Polar Bear$5,355$94407 Jul 1614 Jul 168Expedition132Expedition Ship
Norway, Bear Island and Svalbard$7,221$1,27431 May 1611 Jun 1612Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Svalbard – Spitsbergen Circumnavigation$6,966$1,22911 Jun 1623 Jun 1613Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Svalbard – Spitsbergen Circumnavigation$6,966$1,22923 Jun 1605 Jul 1613Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Scotland, Norway & Svalbard$9,091$1,60429 May 1612 Jun 1615Ocean Nova78Expedition Ship
Svalbard – Realm of the Polar Bear In Depth$6,970$1,52931 Jul 1610 Aug 1611Expedition132Expedition Ship
Svalbard – Realm of the Polar Bear In Depth$6,970$1,52910 Aug 1620 Aug 1611Expedition132Expedition Ship
Norway, Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland$13,495$1,50002 Aug 1616 Aug 1615Le Boreal (charter)264Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland's East Coast$14,510$36025 Jun 1611 Jul 1617National Geographic Explorer148Luxury Expedition Ship