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Compare Trip Price You Save Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
In the Heart of the Chilean Fjords$5,500Offer24 Nov 1804 Dec 1811Le Boreal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula & Chilean Fjords$7,117Offer07 Nov 1721 Nov 1715Midnatsol500Scenic Exploration Vessel
Antarctic Peninsula & Chilean Fjords$7,117Offer20 Nov 1704 Dec 1715Midnatsol500Scenic Exploration Vessel
Antarctica, Falkland Islands & Chilean Fjords$7,262Offer26 Feb 1814 Mar 1817Midnatsol500Scenic Exploration Vessel
Antarctica, Falkland Islands & Chilean Fjords$8,721Offer17 Dec 1703 Jan 1818Midnatsol500Scenic Exploration Vessel
South America Expedition – Chile to Peru$5,250Offer11 Mar 1821 Mar 1811Silver Explorer144Luxury Expedition Ship
Patagonia and the Chilean Fjords$6,350Offer08 Nov 1720 Nov 1713Silver Explorer144Luxury Expedition Ship
Chilean Fjords & Patagonia$6,510Offer07 Nov 1820 Nov 1814L'Austral264Luxury Expedition Ship
Patagonia & Chilean Fjords$6,750Offer04 Mar 1917 Mar 1914Le Boreal264Luxury Expedition Ship
Chilean Fjords & Patagonia with Torres del Paine$7,400Offer05 Nov 1819 Nov 1815Silver Explorer144Luxury Expedition Ship
Chile Expedition: Glaciers and Fjords$7,950Offer25 Feb 1811 Mar 1815Silver Explorer144Luxury Expedition Ship
Tahiti to Easter Island$7,950Offer12 Oct 1827 Oct 1816Silver Explorer144Luxury Expedition Ship
Coastal Peru and Chile Fjords + Atacama Desert$8,000Offer26 Oct 1811 Nov 1817Silver Cloud248Luxury Expedition Ship