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Canadian Arctic

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Compare Trip Price You Save Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
Northwest Passage – Fury & Hecla Strait$11,896$2,09926 Aug 1614 Sep 1620Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Greenland to Canada – Icebergs & Wildlife$6,201$1,09412 Sep 1624 Sep 1613Sea Adventurer117Expedition Ship
Northwest Passage – Icebreaker Expedition$25,016$2,77906 Sep 1623 Sep 1618Kapitan Khlebnikov110Icebreaker
Greenland & Canadian Arctic – Icebreaker Expedition$23,756$2,63922 Aug 1608 Sep 1618Kapitan Khlebnikov110Icebreaker
Arctic Explorer: Greenland to Quebec$8,950Offer08 Sep 1621 Sep 1614Le Boreal264Luxury Expedition Ship