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Canadian Arctic

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Compare Trip Price You Save Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
Greenland & Canadian Arctic: The Baffin Sea$12,600Offer11 Aug 1924 Aug 1914L'Austral264Luxury Expedition Ship
Greenland & Canadian Arctic: The Baffin Sea$12,600Offer15 Aug 1928 Aug 1914Le Boreal264Luxury Expedition Ship
West Greenland & Canadian Arctic$12,900Offer03 Sep 1818 Sep 1816Silver Cloud (Polar Voyages)200Luxury Expedition Ship
West Greenland & Canadian Arctic$15,900Offer18 Aug 1803 Sep 1817Silver Cloud (Polar Voyages)200Luxury Expedition Ship
Northwest Passage: In the Footsteps of Franklin$11,095$1,50026 Aug 1811 Sep 1817Ocean Adventurer132Expedition Ship
Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge$8,495$1,50028 Jun 1807 Jul 1810Small Group26Land Based Adventures
Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge$8,495$1,50003 Aug 1812 Aug 1810Small Group26Land Based Adventures
Labrador and Torngat Explorer$3,695Offer24 Jul 1803 Aug 1811Akademik Sergey Vavilov92Research Ship
Pathways to Franklin$6,795Offer23 Aug 1801 Sep 1810Akademik Ioffe96Expedition Ship
High Arctic Explorer$6,795Offer14 Aug 1823 Aug 1810Akademik Ioffe96Expedition Ship
Baffin Island – Jewel of the Arctic$7,295Offer03 Aug 1814 Aug 1812Akademik Ioffe96Expedition Ship
West Greenland & Canadian Arctic$8,400Offer11 Sep 1925 Sep 1915Silver Cloud (Polar Voyages)200Luxury Expedition Ship
Greenland & Canadian Arctic$8,400Offer20 Sep 1905 Oct 1916Silver Explorer144Luxury Expedition Ship
Northwest Passage and Greenland$9,595Offer24 Aug 1805 Sep 1813Akademik Sergey Vavilov92Research Ship
Northwest Passage and Greenland$9,595Offer12 Aug 1824 Aug 1813Akademik Sergey Vavilov92Research Ship
West Greenland & Canadian Arctic$13,000Offer26 Aug 1911 Sep 1917Silver Cloud (Polar Voyages)200Luxury Expedition Ship
The Northwest Passage – Eastbound$13,163Offer09 Sep 1823 Sep 1815Fram254Scenic Exploration Vessel
The Northwest Passage – Westbound$13,163Offer29 Aug 1811 Sep 1814Fram254Scenic Exploration Vessel
Canadian Arctic and Greenland – Ultimate Thule$15,050Offer26 Jul 1911 Aug 1917L'Austral264Luxury Expedition Ship
Greenland & Canadian Arctic: The Baffin Sea$16,790Offer14 Aug 1827 Aug 1814Le Soleal264Luxury Expedition Ship