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Summary : In July of 2014, peoples from the seven Arctic nations will return to Chukotka for the first ever Beringian Arctic Games, coming together, to celebrate and compete in skin boat races and other competitions in the picturesque village of Novoye Chaplino on the shores of Bukhta Tkachen. You are invited to join them on this special Beringian Arctic Games Expedition. These Games will be a unique opportunity to join these people to explore Beringia through the prism of its traditional games and sports and be part of building community spirit. The more people know about and appreciate these traditional sports and games, the less likely they are to disappear or fade from memory. This expedition will also be an opportunity for participants to explore other parts of Chukotka, including a significant archaeological site called Whale Bone Alley and Providenyia, a former important Soviet military town with a significant port and airfield. You will also visit Egvekinot, a town built by Gulag prisoners in the late 1940s to service an important tin mine. A highlight will be a morning spent with a family of Chukchi reindeer herders learning about their unique lifestyle first-hand. Experience a truly unique cultural and wildlife adventure.

Activities : Birding, Culture, Hiking


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Day 1

For those departing Nome, Alaska your adventure begins with a flight across the Bering Sea and International Date Line to the remote port of Anadyr.

Day 2

Arrive in Anadyr, the administrative capital of Chukotka. You will be transferred to the ship. Plan to sail in the late afternoon for Preobrazhenyia Bay.

Day 3
At Sea and Preobrazhenyia Bay

Plan to complete the briefings and begin a lecture series that will provide valuable background on the Games and on the cultural and natural history of the region. In the early afternoon, arrive at Preobrazhenyia Bay on the Chukotka coast. There are impressive bird cliffs and plan (if conditions are suitable) to take the Zodiacs for a closer look.

Day 4 – 5
Novoye Chaplino – Beringian Arctic Games

The village of Novoye Chaplino, built on the relatively sheltered Bukhta (bay) Tkachen, is the perfect venue to host the Beringian Arctic Games. The vessel will anchor and there will be continuous Zodiac shuttles to and from the ship allowing you to enjoy the games and watch the Barida (or skin boat) races. There will be traditional foods and dancing for you to enjoy. On the Saturday evening (Day 3) after an early dinner there will be an opportunity to visit the nearby town of Provideniya. Local guides will show you around the town and describe what it was like during the Soviet period. A highlight of the visit will be one of the best museums in Chukotka.

Day 6
Whale Bone Alley and Gil’mimyl Hot Springs

Sail to an anchorage off Yttygran Island overnight. Here is one of the most significant and intriguing archaeological sites in the Arctic known affectionately as ‘Whale Bone Alley’ due to the large number of whale bones spread along the beach in the form of a pathway. This afternoon, make a landing near the Gil’mimyl Hot Springs. After a soak in the springs, explore the tundra for plants and wildlife. Rejoin the ship this evening and sail for Egvekinot.

Day 7
At Sea

Lecturers will continue the series of presentations about Chukotka, its people and its wildlife. It will also be an opportunity to download the many photos you will have taken, catch up on travel journals and emails to friends and family.

Day 8

There is more to this small town on the shores of Kresta Bay than first meets the eye. It was built by Gulag prisoners in 1946 as a port to supply the Iul’tin mining complex some 200km inland. The town has an excellent museum. As you will be only a few miles south of the Arctic Circle, travel to the point where the circle cuts across the road to a reindeer herding village at Amguema.

Day 9
At Sea

This morning, plan to join a family of Chukchi reindeer herders to learn first-hand about this unique lifestyle that is in fact enjoying a renaissance in the Russian Far East. You will be introduced to the people, the reindeer and be invited to participate in their work. This afternoon, return to Anadyr.

Day 10

Wake this morning as you enter the Port of Anadyr. After breakfast, passengers will be taken ashore either to the airport to catch a flight out today or to the town if staying on a few extra days.


The above itinerary is a guide only, as the exact program depends on weather and ice conditions and the wildlife you encounter. Flexibility is the key to the success of this expedition. ExpeditionTrips is not responsible for itinerary changes.

You can join this expedition either in Anadyr or in Nome, Alaska. Those starting in Nome will fly by a charter flight and join the ship in Anadyr.

Mandatory Travel Insurance:
As a requirement of participation on this tour operators programs, all passengers must purchase full medical and emergency evacuation insurance for the specific areas they will be visiting. The minimum coverage requirement is $100,000 for the tour operators programs. The policy provider, policy number and contact phone number must be provided prior to departure date. We also strongly recommend that all passengers purchase comprehensive travel insurance which would include coverage for cancellation, trip disruption, baggage and personal property. ExpeditionTrips can assist you with this.

Cabin accommodations; all meals on board the ship; onboard lectures and access to public areas; shore excursions as described; services of expedition team; pre- and post-cruise transfers.

Not Included:
Airfare to and from your home to the port of departure and port of arrival; private charter flight from Nome to Anadyr to Nome; items of a personal nature such as beverages, laundry, and medical supplies; travel insurance; passport and visa fees; gratuities; landing fees; fuel surcharge may apply.

PHOTOS: © K. Ovsyanikova; M. Kelly