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Upper Amazon

Amazon River Cruise

  • Delfin II (charter)
  • River Boat
  • 28 Capacity
  • 10 Days
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  • $6,690

Summary : Unlock the mysteries of the Amazon on a journey to the heart of Peru’s largest reserve, Pacaya-Samiria. Your Expedition Leader and experienced Naturalists will help you to see and learn more about the remarkable flora and fauna of the region. Stay aboard the sophisticated Delfin II, a 'boutique' river boat with spacious and light-filled suites, an elegant top deck, and the finest Amazonian-Peruvian gourmet cuisine on the river. Kayaks are available to provide even more accessibility to the lagoons, small tributaries, and creeks of this pristine region.

Activities : Birding, Child-Friendly, Culture, Hiking, Kayaking


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Day 1
U.S./Lima, Peru

Depart the U.S. and arrive Lima by late evening. Overnight in Lima.

Day 2
Lima / Iquitos / Nauta / Embark

Fly to Iquitos today and drive via bus (1 ½ hours) to the riverside town of Nauta, where you will embark Delfin II. Once on board, you are welcomed by graceful, modern surroundings of hardwood floors, rattan sofas, wooden-slat hammocks and tasteful design. The enthusiastic Naturalists and Expedition Leader will set the informal tone for your expedition. And your chef will introduce you to Peru’s haute cuisine and local delicacies, all prepared with an Amazonian flair.

Day 3
Exploring the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

The Pucate River is one of the three main rivers in the reserve. Never does nature seem more bountiful than here in the tropics. The wildlife and the biodiversity are tremendous, and with experienced naturalists at your side, understanding will come easier. Aboard the skiffs and kayaks you explore this black water stream, looking for parrots, macaws and perhaps monkeys, such as the monk saki with its gray and black body, naked face and long shaggy tail. You might also see the saddle-back tamarin whose high chirping notes can easily be confused with those of a flock of birds.

Day 4
Exploring the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

Experience one of the principal ecosystems within the Amazon basin: terra firma. Disembark and hike to see the vegetation and wildlife, distinctly different from the seasonally-flooded forests. For those not interested in hiking, it is well worth traveling up-river by skiff. You reach an important junction of the Amazon headwaters, where the Ucayali & Marañon rivers merge to form the mighty Amazon River. Visit the Sapuena Village to learn about the life of the ribereños—those who live on the riverbanks.

Day 5
Exploring the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

Today, venture to find the giant Amazonian water lily Victoria regia. This beautiful aquatic plant grows in small lagoons known as cochas. Hike a trail with excellent bird watching, and learn about caciques and oropendolas. At the junction of the El Dorado River, look for dolphins and see abundant birdlife. Sharp eyes may find an iguana lazing in the sun and sloths hanging in the upper canopy. A watch is also kept for squirrel monkeys. Return to Delfin II after sunset in order to see nocturnal life along the river. You will be prepared with a spotlight!

Day 6
Exploring the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

Sail further into the heart of the Pacaya-Samiria Nature Reserve. From December through May explore Atun Poza by skiff. Look for lagoon birds such as egrets, herons, jacamars, ringed kingfishers and various raptors. If the river levels are sufficiently low, a short walk to a local community will be offered. From June through November, hike through a rich ecosystem, passing through a classical tropical rain forest. Biologically, this kind of forest is probably one of the richest habitats on earth, supporting the most species of plants and animals per unit area. Your goal is to reach the giant “ceiba” or kapok tree with its immense trunk diameter. By skiff you depart for your furthest point in the journey, up the Pacaya River to Yanayacu lagoon. The waters of this lake originate in the very heart of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. This rain-forest wilderness is home to red howler and capuchin monkeys, three-toed sloths and numerous species of parrots. Today, with luck, you may swim in the vicinity of Amazonian pink river dolphins!

Day 7 – 8
Exploring the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

You continue exploring by kayak and skiff. From January through July, rivers flood and lowland forests have more than three feet of standing water at the base of trees. Flowering and fruiting coincides with this flooding and many fish, including piranhas, swim around the trees to feed on the fallen fruit (so the super-carnivore reputation of piranhas as a bloody-thirsty fish is quite exaggerated!). From July through December, search for the shorebirds that appear only at this time of year. When the river is very low, huge white sandy beaches emerge and young, sometimes temporary river islands form, creating special ecosystems favorable to sand pipers, terns and kingfishers. By skiff you stop at Puerto Miguel Village to learn about their culture, traditions and folklore. Back on board, your talented staff on Delfin II will delight you with some live music.

Day 9
Nauta / Disembark / Iquitos / Lima

After lunch, disembark and return to Iquitos by bus. There is time to visit the manatee rehabilitation center before flying to Lima. In Lima, proceed to the Costa del Sol Ramada for the night.

Day 10
Lima / U.S.

After breakfast this morning, proceed to the airport in Lima for flights home or onto other adventures. Or, if you'd like to extend your adventure with an expedition to Galápagos or Machu Picchu & the Land of the Inca, please call ExpeditionTrips for details.


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Certified Photo Instructor:

Every expedition aboard the Delfin II will offer a certified photo instructor. Guests of any interest or skill level can rely on assistance with their camera model, instruction on elements of composition and more, plus useful shooting tips—in the field, where it counts! 

Accommodations aboard ship and in hotel; all meals aboard ship; all non-alcoholic beverages aboard ship; all shore excursions, sightseeing and entrance fees; all port charges and taxes; transfers from airport/ship if traveling on group flights; gratuities (except to ship's crew); services of the expedition leader and expert guides; kayaks available for exploration; rain ponchos and rubber boots are provided before an excursion if deemed necessary. Subject to change without notice.

Not Included:
Air transportation; extensions; luggage, accident, cancellation insurance; passport and visa fees; items of a personal nature such as alcoholic beverages and laundry; gratuities to ship’s crew at your discretion; optional extensions; fuel surcharge may apply.

PHOTOS: © Richard Maack (Sloth, Sunset Skiff, Birds); © Ralph Lee Hopkins (Ship Sunset, Lily Pad); © Carlos Romero (Squirrel Monkey, Frog, Cayman); © Cindy Manning (Skiff); © Mike Greenfelder (Birds in Tree)