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Marybeth Coghill
Travel Coordinator
206 204-1886
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Marybeth Coghill

Marybeth is a Western Washington University graduate and a proud Seattle native who loves the Pacific Northwest and exploring its natural wonders. As a big fan of road trips, she continues to check destinations off her list, including trekking and hiking Yellowstone National Park. She sees more international travel in her future, adding to her experiences exploring the ruins of Greece and sampling the many flavors of gelato in Italy. As a Travel Coordinator at ExpeditionTrips, she is delighted to help ensure clients enjoy successful expeditions—helping clients experience incredibly memorable trips and must-see destinations is one of her favorite parts of the job. In her free time, Marybeth is a photographer specializing in lifestyle photography.

My Travel Experience

Canada, Greece, Italy, Mexico, San Juan Islands, most of the continental US and Hawaii

My Favorite Trips
Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia
Sailing the Greek Isles
Patagonia, Chilean Fjords & Argentina's Staten Island
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