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Beth Mercier
Expedition Specialist
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Beth Mercier

Beth was introduced to travel at a very early age. Her father was a commercial airline pilot and brought her along on his trips, as early as 6 months old! Throughout her childhood, she had the fortunate experience to travel to such destinations as Europe, Asia, and Central America. Her love of travel inspired her to study International Tourism in Australia while in college. During her time in Australia, she surfed the Gold Coast, trekked the eastern hiking trails, and before returning home, enjoyed an extended journey through Thailand. Beth found her true calling at ExpeditionTrips, combining her travel knowledge and experience with a background in international tourism. Beth’s motto is to live each day as if it were a lesson, a continuous opportunity to grow and improve the mind, body and soul.

My Trip Reviews
Galapagos Classic with Otavalo Market and Hacienda Zuleta
Antarctic Peninsula

My Articles
Tips for Stress Free Travel

My Travel Experience

Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, England, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Mexico (including Baja), the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, most of continental United States plus Hawaii

My Favorite Trips
Galapagos Classic – Endeavour
Antarctic Peninsula
Alaska's Northern Passages
& Glacier Bay National Park

What My Clients Are Saying

"Beth was always there to assist me and answer any of my questions. She took a lot of the worries out of the planning."
- Gail R; Hackettstown, NJ

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